• In keeping with the spirit of DOMINUS IESUS—a document prepared under the order of then Pope John Paul II and issued by the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, later to be elected Pope Benedict XVI—The Roman Catholic church recognizes those Catholic Jurisdictions not in full communion with the Mother church, and the American College of Bishops has issued the opinion that Roman Catholics may seek out the Priests of those independent jurisdictions for the purpose of receiving Holy Sacrament IN EMERGENCIES ONLY when the lay person cannot reach a Roman Catholic Priest, this includes last rights, and in some cases confession.
  • Saint Michael’s Chapel offers the Sacrament of confession to everyone in the SW Missouri area that cannot go to their regular confessor.
  • Saint Michael’s Chapel offers the Sacrament of confession–in cases of emergency–to everyone else outside of SW Missouri by phone, on a case by case basis.
  • Saint Michael’s Chapel holds dear the premise that the sacrament must be given in person, but realizes that there are instances in which everyone might not be able to go to confession in certain circumstances.
  • Saint Michael’s Chapel offers the sacrament to those who are or might not be Catholic as we believe that confession is good for the soul of all Christians; Cstholic or Protestant.
  • Saint Michael’s Chapel respects Protestant thought that man cannot forgive sin, but also recognizes Catholic teaching that during Confession, the confessor forgives the penitent’s sins by the power and authority of Christ conferred to that priest through Holy Orders. The priest thus acts in the person of Christ (in persona Christi).
  • Saint Michael’s Chapel therefore believes that everyone should have the opportunity to receive this sacrament, especially those that are about to enter harms way–for example; an exorcist or paranormal investigator prior to an investigation–as absolution is necessary before undertaking risky endeavors.

The first step is to make an appointment with a staff member of St. Michaels Chapel.  If you cannot come to the chapel in person, please use this contact form to make an appointment.

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