When Prayer is Hard

Some Protestants today still choose to attack their Catholic brothers and sisters for using pre-formatted prayers; some even actually believe that the only prayer that Catholics know is the Marian Rosary prayer. Others have the mistaken belief that a good Catholic (remember most are oblivious to the fact that there are Catholics who are not Roman Catholics) has memorized a repertoire of prayers each designed for specific situations that they repeat mindlessly like some far eastern non-Christian monk. These misconceptions cannot be further from the truth; even Catholics—be they Roman, Eastern Orthodox or Independent/Reformed—have from the heart conversations with God just like Protestants are taught to do. However just like their Protestant friends, Catholics sometimes find prayer difficult.

In a piece posted on Ignitum Today, a website that professes to provide the Catholic perspective on all topics important to young adults, Liesl a 20-something, single Catholic who hails from the great state of Ohio shared three simple prayers that should be important to any Christian, Protestant or Catholic;

  • Help my unbelief!
  • Thy Will Be Done
  • Show me where You are in this; show me Your peace

No, these are not the titles of three long drawn out prayers, but rather three short prayers in their entirety. To read Liesl’s explnantion of how she came about using these simple prayers read the article HERE

Conversations with God or simple prayer need not be elaborate. The Father in heaven is not going to judge you on your ability to articulate your thoughts, as he already knows what is in your heart. Its not like he is going to grade your presentation like a school teacher might grade a classroom presentation or speech. God simply wants to know you still have a place for him in your life, regardless of how that life might be at the moment.

So read the article and think about what this young lady has to say, perhaps her thought will help in your conversations with God.

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