Is it easy to forgive those that have offended you?

With all your heart forgive those who do you wrong, for blessed are they who forgive, they shall be forgiven.

If we expect Jesus to forgive us, then we must forgive those who have done us wrong. Is this easy? No, at times very difficult, however, we must each day, show others how to be Christ-like, and this means forgiveness, just as Christ forgives us.

How many times have we asked for forgiveness from Jesus, and how many times do we repent of our transgressions? each time, if we are repentant and sincere, Jesus forgives us, so how can we not forgive others… today, let us put aside all anger, and bad feelings . today, let us be Christ like in our dealings with everyone, even those we do not like too much, and let us forgive today.

Heavenly Father,
please give me the ability to seek forgiveness and to give forgiveness to those who I have done wrong or who have done me wrong. let me put all anger and ugly thoughts aside, and show others how a true Christian is to live. As you have forgiven me so many times, may I forgive others.


Daily Inspirational by Sister Denise Boley, Abbess; Alpine Apostolate of St Michael the Arch Angel, Apline TX

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