9 Ways Satan Seeks Your Destruction

By Jen Thorn for Christianity Today
A re you ever overwhelmed by how difficult it is be to live a life that is pleasing to God? If the temptations of the world and the sin within our own hearts isn’t enough, Satan is also working overtime to see to our destruction, downfall, or weakening. He has no compassion, he doesn’t care how hard life is for you or all the things you have gone through. He rejoices in our difficulties and only wants to add to them.

Satan is cunning and crafty. He is also

more powerful than we give him credit for and therefore a being to be guarded against and fought against. He has the experience of all kinds of evil on his side as well as the fact that he never grows tired and never gives up spewing his hatred for Christ and his bride.

He hates them because . . .

they have escaped out of his hand,

they oppose his kingdom and government;

they hate sin, and pant, and pray, and strive for holiness.

James Smith

Here are some ways that our great enemy seeks our destruction.

1. He plants doubts and lies (Gen. 3)

One of the biggest doubts he plants in your heart is about the goodness of God. “How can a good God possibly let some of these horrible and hard things happen to you?”

2. He fights against your faith (Eph 6:12)

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