Recognizing Evil: Qui tacet consentit. – Who keeps silent, consents

Evil is not particularly creative; it is most often banal and predictable. Evil respects no economic, social or intellectual differences. It can colonize and live well in one who has little or nothing, as well as those who have everything. Being in one profession or another, even in the consecrated ones, is no inoculation against evil. One of the strongest markers that evil is present occurs when the suffering of humanity is completely ignored…. and it was and is within one’s power to make it cease… but the one in charge chooses otherwise. Attributed to Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés May. 12, 2008

Perhaps one of the hardest decisions to make is identifying which side of any given conflict is good or evil, then as a group working to make it (evil) cease. Consider the current so called culture wars; modernity against tradition, which path is evil? It is hard to overlook that many of the social advances we have made—from 1950 to present day—have had many unintended consequences, some were just absolute mistakes that should not have been made.  Conversely we can argue that some cultural changes have been positive advances for man kind. In determining which of those so called advances were good and which were evil, we need to take a long look at the gains we have made as well as the failures; take a long look at each event and ask are we really better off now than our parents or grandparents were 50 to 60 years ago?

Think about what we have just said before you decide which of the many “bandwagons” of the current culture wars you want to get on, which philosophy you want to embrace and make a reality without forgetting that it might just have unintended consequences.


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