Satan Is Real – I Have Met It

If it is true, as Baudelaire suggests, that the Devil’s cleverest wile is to convince us that he does not exist, … I now know that Satan is real. I have met it.
M. Scott Peck, who said the above, was a noted psychiatrist and author who–like many of his peers–recognized that what appeared to be mental illness, was in some cases actually–something far worse and totally bizarre–actual demonic oppression or possession.
Books that describe possessions which are authored by clergy from within the Roman Catholic church, are often dismissed, the conventional wisdom being that these authors are backward and superstitious like their predecessors of the middle ages were, however this is far from the truth as many of these priests are highly educated with degrees in psychology or other sciences and prior to having a first hand experience with the paranormal, were prone to dismiss any talk of demonic activities as naught but superstitious nonsense.  But after meeting Satan or one of his minions–face to face-these Priests have now adopted a totally different perspective.
And now, with leading psychologists announcing that in their opinion, some of their patients are dealing with something more than conventional psycho-pathological illness, something out of a horror movie such as the classic movie, The Exorcist; and these men and women are agreeing with Peck;
I now know that Satan is real. I have met it.
In many circle, it is no longer a social faux pas to admit the existence of Satan, although many ministers still prefer now to give too much attention to the subject.  Worldwide the number of Exorcisms performed annually have increased by hundreds of  percent if not thousands, in some regions, the clients seeing their priests like we see our dentists or analysts.
If you or someone you care for has come under oppression or possession, we are here to help, call 417-598-7212 for more information.
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