What Is Spiritual Guidance?

Each and every day, untold numbers of Americans seek the assistance of personal trainers to guide them through their physical fitness regimen, some people hire personal chefs to prepare their meals for them, some have executive assistants that handle a substantial amount of their business affairs leaving them free to concentrate on the more important details and not to be bogged down with the ordinary and mundane.  Some people take time out of their schedule regularly to visit their dental hygienist; some retain psychological analysts as part of a “mental hygiene” regimen.  However, isn’t it ironic that few people take time to consider their spiritual hygiene, few bother to retain a personal spiritual “trainer” or have even thought about the need of a spiritual analyst?  Why is it that while so many feel it important to maintain their physical bodies, they often neglect—the spiritual body—the soul?
“Okay, I think I need a spiritual guide, who do I turn too?”  If you are a member of a church, that organization may or may not have anyone on staff that can meet with you on a regular basis or when and where you prefer to meet.  In many large churches, such as those society characterizes as Mega Churches the ministerial staff might only be able (and willing) to meet with you much in the same manner you might meet with your analyst; once a week (at best) as a given time.  The Spiritual Guide is usually more flexible.  Those in the Independent Clergy can also those that are more protestant, in sacramental worship, prayer, and traditions which enable the seeker to experience such without converting to (roman) Catholicism.   These and other benefits make the Independent Clergy ideal to serve as spiritual guides, however we suggest that if you are comfortable with your faith based organization, you check with them first.  Then if you cannot find anyone to serve your needs in your church, call 417-598-7212 for more information.

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