The Case For Exorcism

In this modern enlightened world, many people insist that belief in the paranormal—including belief in God—is ridiculous and indicative of the adherent’s superstitious and ignorant mind set.  This general consensus can be found by perusing the various forums on the internet, which are frequented by militant atheists.  And when I say militant atheists, I am not being judgmental or seeking to cast an aspersion on this demographic, but rather I am simply seeking to describe them as those who do not believe in God (or the Devil and his minions for that matter) as well as they are characteristically very antagonistic in making their case (i.e. militant), the debate usually resulting in tactics Ad Hominem.  At the time of this writing, their favorite slur is to insist that any person of faith is childish, superstitious and therefore un-enlightened, characterizing the religious, the people of various faiths, as believers in fairy tales.

They do not believe, because their minds have been kept in the dark by the evil god (the devil) of this world

The phrase modern enlightened world, generally is taken to mean that through scientific progress, we have discovered alternative explanations and corrected previously held beliefs and convictions—now thought to be erroneous—and through education; enlightened the masses to our modern philosophies.  The unfortunate side effect to this process is to place those unwilling to give up all their beliefs and religious convictions and allow themselves to be enlightened; in the highly undesirable position of being labeled as superstitious, backwards, and believers in fairy tales.

“My dear brothers, never forget, when you hear the progress of enlightenment vaunted, that the devil’s best trick is to persuade you that he doesn’t exist!”[2]

While the aforementioned situation does not make the case for exorcism, it does however explain the situation surrounding the dramatic increase in the requests for exorcism that the Roman Catholic Church—as well as Protestant groups that perform such—has been receiving these past few years.  Simply put, Satin and his minions have been given free rein to oppress, plague and in some cases destroy mankind, God has not given Satin carte blanche, but rather mankind has by its refusal to acknowledge the existence of Satin, therefore becoming oblivious to the inherent dangers, has left itself vulnerable and subject to attack by the principalities of evil.

“The devil’s ultimate purpose is to drive an individual to give up and despair, a condition when one believes that they can’t be helped even by God,” [3]

In recent years, a growing number of mental health professionals have either admitted that their science—in some extreme cases—fails to explain certain psychopathy or symptoms; or they openly admit that they have included the rite of exorcism in their treatment regimen.  A few Doctors even admit to having been face to face with the ultimate evil, an entity that far exceeds those characteristics and symptoms seen in those cases that are generally diagnosed as psychopathological and/or examples of dissociative identity behavior.

Don’t settle for my opinion, do your own research into the phenomena, and you will find that there is not only a growing number of requests for exorcism, but a growing admission by the secular world, that evil does exist and can attack humans, in a very aggressive manner.

Unfortunately not only has the enlightenment by the secular world caused mankind to become oblivious to the dangers of the devil, but the church has also done great damage.  The American arm of the Roman Catholic Church—until recently—would not even permit the rite to be performed except in very, very rare cases, some ministers claiming that the devil was non-existent.  The Protestant church—through otherwise seemingly acceptable doctrine and teachings—has led some to erroneously believe that after accepting Christ as their personal savior, they are impervious to attack from the devil.  Scriptures abounds with warnings that a Christian may come under attack, to be thoroughly tried and tested.  Some people resist temptation—and by doing so prevent any legal basis for possession—and remain free from possession.  Others come under oppression from demonic sources; experiencing very real physical pain and hardships, as the devil tries to destroy their steadfastness in Christ.  Unfortunately in this latter group, some eventually make a seemingly small mistake which allows for more than demonic oppression, but rather full blown demonic infestation or possession.

Of the leading theologians that agree that a Christian Can come under attack and be summarily possessed, most seem to agree that the possessed individual has committed some sin or wrong that seemed insignificant but none the less gave the demon a legal basis or right to attack and hold the person hostage to the devil.  The doctrines, teachings and Catechism of many Christian denominations all describe transgressions, or sins, some of which are classified as mortal sins (transgressions that prevent the sinner from receiving Gods grace) or venial (sins that cam be forgiven providing the sinner is repentant.)   Ironically, the ruler of this world (the devil) has so manipulated our culture and society that it is practically impossible to live a life without sin—even some ministers admit that they do not dwell on the ten commandments as their parishioners simply cannot go through life without breaking one or more of the commandments on a daily basis—we even see sin emerge in cultures such as the Amish that are by design and strict observance, a very Godly people.  But unlike the Amish and other pious Christian groups, most of us do not pray asking for forgiveness, most of us—for all practical purposes—are so prideful we do not even admit our sinful actions.

Some sins are however so commonplace that many simply do not even know they are sinning, committing transgressions against mankind and the face of God, and in doing so never repent and ask for forgiveness.  In this situation, some can become possessed and never realize the legal basis—the reason behind—the attack by demons, that they or someone close to them has suffered.

In making the case for exorcism, we agree with the Roman Catholics in that the rite should only be used after all other avenues have been exhausted, and never used—in our opinion—as it is used in some charismatic groups, as a means to correct what might be perceived as sinful behavior.  For example; the story is told on the Internet, of how in one religious group, a husband was called before the elders as his wife had been seen working a job outside of the home, (the group being among those that believe that a woman should submit to the husband, the husband should be the wage earner, and the wife should remain home keeping house and having lots of children) the husband—spinelessly letting his wife take the rap—proceeded to tell the elders that she would not obey him; as per church doctrine.  The church then called the wife in and proceeded to perform an exorcism having found that she was possessed by a demon of jezebel.

A woman exerting her human rights and seeking employment outside of the home, is not a sign of possession; possibly defiance of her church’s doctrine, but definitely not demonic possession.  In this—reportedly factual—scenario, the lady probably should have either attempted to introduce reforms into her church, or found another church to affiliate with.  Our point in discussing this scenario is to illustrate that we do not condone what is common in some groups, pronouncing someone to be possessed simply because they do not conform to our definition of normal or acceptable.  If this was the case 50% of the nation would be having the rite performed on the other 50% in light of the mudslinging and name calling that resulted in the 2012 election cycle, simply put, one half of the population thought the other half was insane.  Most thought that anyone who would vote for the other candidate was possessed by demonic forces.

For those who are skeptics, a survey conducted in October of 2012 indicated that nearly 60% of registered voters believed that demonic possession was possible [4]; therefore those of us who are skeptic should not jump to the conclusion that the 60% is misled in their beliefs, but perhaps we—the skeptical people that dismiss everything that science cannot explain as superstition—should consider that maybe just maybe there are things that our science cannot explain in a rational manner and that there exists a field of study and exploration totally outside of the rational world.  Those that have entered into this realm have come away from the experience changed as (many of us) have encountered that which our previous experience in no way prepared us for what we witnessed firsthand.

In conclusion, if you have encountered the unexplainable and need spiritual deliverance or guidance, please contact us or a minister who is willing to assist you.  Call 417-598-7212 for more information.



[1] 2 Corinthians 4:4
[2] Quote attributed to the French poet Baudelaire from an 1864 short story by his hand.
[3] Bishop Flores. January 19, 2012 The Texas Catholic Conference http://www.txcatholic.orgBishop Flores Discusses Exorcism in Latest Texas Catholic Podcast




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